Indian passport renewal NEWYORK Consulate - Tatkal process Experience

3/8 - Documents sent through fedex.
3/10- Reached VFS.
3/11- Acknowledgement from VFS. “Your package has been received at the VFS application Centre. Our current processing times are longer than usual. Your application will be reviewed with 48-72 business hours. You are requested to track the status of your application after 2-3 business days”.
3/12- Application reviewed and in transit to emabassy.

On Government online tracking status
3/15- Application fees received and its being processed.
3/16-Passport print initiated.
3/17-Passport has been printed and delivered to OSP and in transit.
Again VFS tracking
3/18- Passport received from embassy and will shortly dispatched. They said fedex tracking number will be sent but dint received anything.
3/22- Old and new passports got delivered without any fedex tracking number given.

Total 11 days process if it is Tatkal. Actual business working days involved is 8 days.

Documents list sent.
Checklist document - Tatkal specific only.
Government form with signatures and append photo. Color copy.
Annexure - E - notarized–but not mandatory. Depends on Notary service as well.
Change of apperance-notarized-mandatory and append photo
Self sworn - notarized–but not mandatory. Depends on Notary service as well.
Visa proof - notarized- Color copy.
Address proof - notarized -Color copy.
Passport first 5 pages and last three pages -Color copy. Self attested only.
Original passport.
Education certificate- not required- sent just in case.
Appointment letter.
Used standard envelope. And super-scribed what type of service is it whether it is Tatkal or regular.

Make sure your government application preview or file has all the data. Sometimes when you download that file will be missing some information. It looks a like a bug. Try downloading several times until you have all the data and looks in good format.

Opted VFS fedex courier service. Initially they give you only outgoing label. Incoming label will be generated by vfs once your passport is ready.

Make sure your photos are clear- Tip-make sure that your shoulders are equally displayed on the picture appropriately - white background.(Strictly no white shirts). I got
photos from Walgreens.

No Police verification

Hope this helps and finally thank you to this forum and admins.

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Thanks. Most helpful!

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Is it possible to cancel my current standard application and file a new Tatkal application for the passport renewal?

Thank you @Sandy_Pullav for sharing detailed experience. For tatkal do we need to get any approval from Indian Embassy at NY? Do we need to specify any reason?

I am planning to renew my passport and looking for tatkal option.

No Approval is needed.


Thank you dear Pankaj for your quick response as always. Really appreicated.

Hello @Diwedy @anil_am22 and all, good evening

I have initiated tatkal processing, I am having Indian address in passport, no change to that. I mean I would like to get them printed as per old passport. No other details like mother’s name or any other things I am planning to change. I have received tatkal checklist as well. It doesn’t mention anything on self sworn affidavit. I have been residing in USA and would be completing 5 years on this 2/17.

Do I need to send this affidavit along with application?


Go by what’s shown in Checklist. If it’s not asking for self sworn affidavit, you need not send it. I think this requirement has been removed for normal application as well.

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Thank you @Diwedy very much for quick response.

In the worst case scenario, if the process gets delayed and if I dont get my passport within time, can I go to the new york office and pick up the old passport ?Do they allow this? That will void the application but will they hand me over my old passport?