Indian Passport renewal/reissue tatkal application got rejected and being sent back VFS Houston Consulate

My application for tatkal passport renewal application form is rejected and being sent back.


My passport is about to expire in April,2024 and have applied for renewal at Houston consulate.

Did anyone face similar issue before or heard about these incidents ?

My question is that, should I apply under tatkal-reissue damage section?
And if I do it under damaged section, will my new passport have a new validity date?

Please help me with your experiences faced, as I don’t understand this logic behind reapplying as damaged passport.

Here’s the list of category who cannot apply in Tatkal:

There are a few instances where people have been asked to reapply using damaged category. Look around in this forum.

All renewed passports have new validity.


Hello Diwedy,
But my passport damage is on the binding, that is what consulate has mentioned, so can I still apply in tatkal?
I have read some other peoples similar issue on the forum but non of them were in tatkal or it was not clear, so wanted to be sure, how I do it the right way when applying for damaged passport via tatkal, if I can.

Thanks for the inputs.

Hi - Yes you can (but acceptance will be at their discretion). Unless you are travelling shortly or have an urgent need of passport, going for normal renewal is also an option. That’s what people have gone for, generally, in such situation.

Go with whatever is convenient for you.

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@apt2174 Im on same boat. My renewal application got rejected with same reason.

Have you applied back in tatkal and how long it took with next steps?

Hi @qwsrtn , no they said not to apply in tatkal. So, I applied normal reissue in lieu of damaged passport. at the moment, my status on portal says my new passport has been printed. I shipped my passport and documents to VFS on the 21st, so my estimation is this normal process will take around 3weeks

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@apt2174 Thank you… what have you selected for following details in government application form since vfs has rejected the application initially:

  1. Provide the following details if the applicant has been refused/denied passport.
    3.1) Have you ever been refused/denied passport?
    3.2) Has your passport ever been impounded?
    3.3) Has your passport ever been revoked?

Additionally, any inputs regarding filling form Annexure-F is appreciated. Have you hand written the reasons and have you got it notarized?

Thank you

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I put “NO” for all the questions,
No need of Notarizing Annexure-F, I typed in all my documents. In Annuxure-F just fill in the details of how the passport was damaged. It is a simple document, just fill in all the questions.

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Hi, did you fill in the annexure F by hand or typed in the data ?

Also if your binding was damaged, and do not know how, what did you mention the reason for the same

I have applied for renewal of passport to Houston office, paid everything online fee $183 .They rejected saying passport damaged attach annexure F change category to Damage passport in new application. I applied with new application category and also I need to add my husband name in passport as well change of address, I chose that option now again they returned application saying annexure E missing and change of appearance affidavit original form missing, they are rejecting my application again for which I paid $216. My question is if these things required then why don’t they mention in documents and checklist clearly? Multiple time submitting applications and everytime they deduct half of money and refund half. Did anyone came across this situation and how to resolve. My passport expiring in July 2024. Is there any direct email address or contact number to talk to them ?

They generate a checklist for you. Please follow the checklist and send as many documents as possible.

Is there any direct email to contact VFS?, i am always raising new tickets in the portal.
Also they don’t have any toll free number?