Indian Passport Renewal Rejected with VFS Even After Sending Correct Documents

I applied passport renewal for my son(minor) with VFS Global. I sent I797-A notarized approval copy along with all other documents. However, they came back asking “Additional documents : US STATUS PROOF NOTARIZED IS PENDING”.

I again sent I797-A notarized copy including my son’s I797-A, still they rejected it.

Did anybody face this type of problem with VFS? Do I need to send both front and back of I797-A?

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Did you send both pages of I797 of both parents? When you sent it the second time, did you get any confirmation from them that they received the document? What specific reason they gave for rejection?
Send email to CG and even reach out to them on Twitter, highlighting your issue.

yes, I sent them both the parents’ I797 but only the front page. When they asked me documents again for “US STATUS PROOF NOTARIZED”. I sent them all 3 of us i797 only the front page. After that they acknowledged “document received” but they rejected the application with below reason.

They rejected with below reason:
Additional documents: US STATUS PROOF NOTARIZED IS PENDING - Please mail all requested documents to us
Additional Particulars Form: Minor applicant U.S. legal status proof is missing. Please submit|

Did you reach out to them again for more clarification? Not sure why they would reject - unless they wanted both pages. It’s better to send both pages.

Yes, maybe they wanted both pages. I called up at Customer Care but they don’t have much info. They just read the rejection reason for us. I sent a message over twitter but no response till now. I suspect that documents were not arranged in the order given in the checklist and like you said both front and back pages issue.

Did you get any response. I am in the similar boat. I had submitted all the documents of my daughter(minor) and they returned asking for the India proof address. I had submitted my passport(Copy of parents passport) copy self attested which has the Indian address. I have sent the document again just today (I had received the email yesterday).

When I got back docs from them, I found out that I hadn’t sent them my son’s US status proof which I thought that I had sent. I have also re-submitted the application now. Their customer care is not good, they won’t be able to point out what doc is missing.

Thank you for the reply. Also, if you need quick updates from them, then twitter is far better medium. I have had a good experience with Twitter. Also, they reviewed my case again and have submitted the case to Embassy without again requiring the same document.