Indian Passport renewal return shipping envelope and label

For renewal of my passport do.I need to

  1. ship an extra empty envelope for vfs to ship back new passport?

  2. include the return label in my packet for vfs to send new passport?

Just include the return label

When i visited fedex, they put everything ( all my documents ) in big envelope and additionally they put a small envelope ( for passport return ) within that big envelope. They did paste my resturn label in small envelope.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot…

Is the type of envelope mandatory like FedEx Express or FedEx Priority or any other envelope.
Please assist

Fedex gave me reusable envelope- put return label in with other documents - VFS can use same envelope to ship your passport back to you

Once u select passport service , all details appear under shipping and packing guidelines

Thank you @Bhakti_Sakhrani

On vfs site it is said that Annexure E and self sworn affidavit are not supposed to notarized. How did send?
Also did u self attested passport copies?


Notarize Annexure E.
self sworn affidavit notary is not required

Self attest your copies of the passport.

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Just a quick.question . Change in appreance form , under reaident column which addres to be written ? Indian or USA address

US address must be used or more specifically your current address.

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Vfs doesnt mention passport copies to be self attested. How did u proceed?

Self attested all copies of the passport. Just write “self attested”, your name, signature and date. You can skip your name if you wish

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