Indian passport renewal through tatkal in USA

Hello, we got the passport renewal done in USA with tatkal and printing USA address and getting it verified through attestation. We did not change the Indian address during the renewal. They have sent for police verification and we are not able to get it verified as there are no proofs available anymore in the address. We have not heard from VFS and wanted to understand how to address this.

Indian address proof is not required. Ask your friend/family to visit the police station.


They visited the police station but police is saying they cannot do anything without the proof.

Hello @Pradeep_Kellangere ,

As per my knowledge you have already renewed your passport in the USA and didnt update your Indian address, this can complicate the verification process.
Here are some steps you might consider:

  • Contact to VFS Global directly to explain your situation.
  • Reach Out to the Indian Consulate
  • Gather Any Available Proof
  • Seek Legal Advice
    I hope this will helps you :blush:,