Indian passport renewal timeline at NY

any recent experience of passport renewal at NY consulate? Appreciate if you can provide current timeline

Hi, what is your current status now? did you get it renewed? For me its been more than 5 weeks, still under review.

I got it back within 2 weeks from NY embassy. I fedexed on Thursday and received back on following Wed. VFS sent to embassy same day they received. Embassy put it in processing for 4-5 days and then 1-2 days passport printing and 3 days police verification. We got text on India cell for police verification. Meanwhile we cleared police verification in India. Not sure if that helped released passport. VFS picked it and mailed it same day and I received it next day.

You’ll need check status at both places, VFS site and Indian embassy site.

Hope it helps!

Looks like you applied for Tatkal ! I applied for normal renewal, do you know there will be police verification for all who apply? thanks for reply.

Mine was regular processing, no tatkal. I got the police verification initiation email two days after status on embassy site was passport printed. No idea if they do it for all or not.