Indian passport renewal

I am in the process of applying Indian passport renewal and H4 extension for my minor son in USA. His i94 is valid till Oct 2022(we got it done from CBP office based on my H1B I797 validity). Since their h4 extension was not filed, we don’t have valid i797 for him. So valid i94 will be considered as legal resident status for Indian passport application. Also, when it is recommended to apply for H4 extension( after obtaining his passport or file extension now and provide his latest passport information if RFE comes). Thank you

If passport is expiring in next 6 months, then it is better to get passport renewed first.

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Both passport and i94 expiry are on the same day (in 1 month). If I wait for passport approval, he might be out of status. So can I file the h4 extension and submit the new passport when the RFE comes or file the passport in Tatkal now and file the h4 extension after that, which one will be better. Any suggestion is welcome.