Indian PCC for USA citizen - had Indian passport 9 years ago

I am a citizen of the USA , applied for permanent residency in Canada. How can I get PCC for India, I am living in the USA since 2000 I have a US passport since 2010, before that I had an Indian passport. would i need to send details of all my Indian passports I ever had. I also have an OCI card from India. do I need to send that as well.?

PCC is to be taken from the country you lived in for more than 6 months in the last ten years.

Please don’t confuse PCC with citizenship.

As per your note, if you have lived in USA since 2000, then you need to present a USA PCC.

During this time did you ever stay in India for more than 6 months?

I did include PCC, that I got from consulate in Canada when I applied for PR (that PCC specified period of only my visit during last 10 year with USA passport) now after about 8 months and after medical is done, Officer is asking for PCC again.

So I assumed that they require PCC for time period after my age of 18 till 2010 (when I got us passport).

I applied for PCC again and only got PCC that will cover last 10 years or USA Passport visits. I am not able to find a way to get PCC from 1996 (18year) to 2010.

I tried to request consulate in Vancouver to issue PCC without mention of time period, just as clearance as of today but they told me they cannot customize PCC it’s a set format .

Hi @romi1649

I think you need FBI clearance that you need to apply with FBI and not US embassy.

You are probably confusing the PCC with FBI clearance report.

No I have sent fbi clearance , they are asking for Indian pcc again . I think the problem is pcc I sent 8 months ago mentioned a date covering period of my us passport . The VANCOUVER consulate put time line on pcc it mention this pcc for my visit to India during 2010 and 2012 . So the period before that was not covered .

This is what is requested.:point_up:

This is what I sent earlier 8 months ago when i sent PR application. I think what I underlined is the reason they asked again. But I applied again at Indian consulate and got same wording on PCC.

Indian embassy can only vouch for the period you stayed in India.

Were you in US before 2010?

If you were in India, then you should call and check with Indian embassy as to how they can write different dates or skip the dates entirely.

I am in us since 1999 , but I was in India after age of 18years ,I was 18 in May 1996. I was in India till dec 2009. Also I visited India in 2007 and 2009 for about 5 months each with Indian passport But Indian consulate in Vancouver do clearance search on current passport only , They told me they don’t do clearance on India passport once foreign passport is acquired. What do you think Canadian immigration requested PCC again for this reason or May be because it was more than 6 months old ??

Is there any way to call and ask immigration if a new and recent PCC with same wording as previous would work or they want it without without any time frame ( Although I don’t know how I would get it )

Can you clarify two things:

  1. What did you declare on your application for stay in India?
  2. When did you get your PCC from Vancouver, when did you submit it, and when was the PCC requested again by the visa officer?
  1. I will have to double-check on that either it was for the last ten years or all the time since 18year of age, if it is from 18years I states in India from 1996 to 1999.
  2. First time I got in February, I filed an application for pr in march, They requested it again in November, I applied again at the Indian consulate in November, I got similar PCC with just newer day of issue (i have not sent it yet ).

I think the reason for requesting the new PCC could be because of the time gap from Feb to November. They have been known to ask for PCC it date of issue exceeds 6 months from when the visa officer gets to check it.

You could give it a shot. But also try calling CIC to confirm. They would have a contact center number somewhere.