Indian PCC - nobody lives at Indian address - will a police verification be done?

I am Indian citizen living in Canada for last 5 years and my last passport was issued from Indian embassy in Canada.
No body lives now at Indian address mentioned on passport.

Now I have to apply for PR in Canada. Do I need police verification from India?

Indian embassy will ask for clearance from Indian passport office before they can issue you a PCC.

You should have opted to change the passport address when you applied for renewal in Canada. Not sure why people opt for Indian address and then face these kind of issues.

Doing a police verification at Indian address is Passport office’s decision and you cannot say if it will be done or not.

If you have not been to India for more than 6 months (cumulatively) in the last ten years, then you don’t need to get a PCC from India.

But if you did, (adding all India summer vacation trips), then yes, you’ll need a PCC. To apply for a PCC, you’ll have to visit the Consul General of India in Canada.

And then whatever Anil said.

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Thanks for your reply.
As I don’t live at the address mentioned in passport. My parents have relocated to Mumbai from Delhi and I have one address proof of Mumbai. Will police verification from be done from Mumbai now?

Address is literally the first question on the PSK website. If your current address is different from your passport address then you need to provide an address proof for the new address. And yes, police verification will be done for your current residence.

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Hi @sandeep_m

You are probably looking at Indian passport website for PCC.

But, @russia is currently in Canada and hence will follow a different process. In his case, Indian embassy will send the request to Indian passport regional office and they may not do the physical police verification.

Indian RPO will take that decision. We cannot guess it.

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Right, that makes sense!

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