Indian PCC validity for Canada PR

Hi Anil,
Thank you so much for creating this site with amazing information. I have
specific question related to Police clearance. I have obtained PCC from India in 2016, before coming to US. After that I am living in US. I will be taking US PPC shortly. I have received ITA and my points are 900+.

  1. Do I need to get India PCC again now?
  2. Do we need to show PCC hardcopy anywhere? Looks like I forgot that copy into India.

I have another question not related to PCC though. If I started “continue application”, and later decide to deny ITA (if not able to get all docs in 60 days), can I do that.


Hi @San16

Indian PCC is considered valid only for 6 months for purpose of Canada PR.

You need to get a new Indian Police clearance certificate now from Indian Embassy.

I am not sure about the ITA application question at this time.

Thank you Anil, for quick response.
Just wanted to add complete information. In June 2016 I obtained Indian PCC from India. And I am in US since July 2016. Whether it will affect your answer? Is it still valid for 6 months only?

My answer is still same.

Thank you for your response Anil!

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Hi Sir/Mam,

I am an Indian working in Singapore. I got the invite for Express entry. Since I am currently working in Singapore, I got Indian PCC from Singapore. I selected Immigration Purposes Other than Citizenship and I got the letter that says ""It is certified that there is no adverse information against [Applicant’ Name] holder of Passport No. [Passport Number] issued at [Place] on [date] which would render him or her ineligible for I MMIGRATION PURPOSE OTHER THAN CITIZENSHIP of CANADA."

Is this correct or should I re-apply and ask for another letter that says “Eligible for grant of travel facilities including visa for CANADA” ?

This is correct. There are 2 negations in the statements. **NO ADVERSE *** INELIGIBLE **Which means you are eligible and this is correct PCC.

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Hi @Mithu_Nair

You are fine as long as you are planning to use this Indian PCC for Canada PR and not citizenship.

Thanks. I asked because my all my friends have a different version and only mine says CITIZENSHIP. Their ones are like this

Hi @Mithu_Nair

I am not sure why have they issued the PCC with a different text.

You can apply another PCC if you want.

Thank @Anil. If say I apply with this letter and if this is not the required one, when will they notify to update correct letter? Or will it be application rejection if something is wrong?

I do not know how the case officer will take it.