Initial Entry Date visa 186 Covid19 travel

Hi, i’m granted visa 186. Due to covid19 travel restriction, my flights were cancelled few times and I would not be able to enter Australia before my Initial Entry Date. My spouse and daughter have entered to Australia and now returned home as my daughter needs to complete her examination here.

Has anyone granted an extension of IED for visa 186? Is Covid-19 travel restriction a compelling reason?

Did you not contact DHA before the expiry of your IED? IED has already been waived off for certain skill visa holders (189.190, 489.491).

The only option now is to get in touch with DHA and inform them of your circumstances and rest is upto them to decide.

Yes, we did. They said they cant review that until the breach occurred, i.e. after the Initial Entry Date has passed.

Yes, i am aware of travel facilitation which is made available for General Skills Migration (visa 189, etc), unfortunately there is none for visa 186.

So now is the best time to contact them! Wish you luck!