Inquiry -Dropbox for F1 student who had a visa issued but didn't land up in the US

Im still not able to understand whether i qualify or not for dropbox appointment .
Here is my situation , I got my F1 visa approved in July 2021 but did not fly to the united states due to some unavoidable circumstances .
I have 2 questions :1 . If i am going to a different university this year will i be eligible for drop box ?
2. If my university remains same ,will I be eligible ?
I have kept 2 options in my question because I have admits from both previous university and new university , but i am really confused as to what will be my situation if i land up in any 1 of them .

If your F1 has expired already then yes you may be eligible for dropbox. Note that the interview waiver is at the discretion of the CO. So they may still call your for an interview after you submit your documents at dropbox location.

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