Interfiling - is it worth it Filed EB3 i485 but EB2 is current now

I have two approved I-140 petitions - one in EB2 and another in EB3, same priority date, same company.

I switched to EB3 last year to make use of the AOS EAD for spouse. Now, the EB2 priority date is current for my date, but not sure if interfiling will help.

My company law firm says it is better to wait and not interfile as they have seen cases where interfiling actually causes delays, and cases end up in a blackhole.

Their view is that sometimes USCIS relates the EB2 and EB3 cases and processes it faster without interfiling.

Whats the experience with interfiling, and should I give it a try? Is there a speedup that others have seen? Any feedback is useful. I was in EB2 lane and it took almost a decade for it to be current, and it is painful to watch from the EB3 lane now.

If you have faith and you think your attorney knows what he is saying, i suggest to go by attorney’s advice.

If there is a good difference between your EB3 and EB2 date in getting current, it is better to go ahead with interfiling than waiting.

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