Internal Server Error when clicked at point 6.Government site to fill the NRI Passport Form

Hi Anil,
I received an Internal error message when I clicked proceed option at point 6. Go to Government site to fill the NRI passport form. I was directly taken to point 7 and I tried again but coming same error.
Can I use the ‘New form direct link’ you shared in this link - or do i have to contact ckgs support.
Please suggest.

You should use the link given at CKGS. Wait for them to resolve the problem.

hi Anil.

What is the best way to reach CKGS customer support. Their customer service number is closed and feedback page didnt worked either.

Yes I was able to get thru the NRI online application form once I explained my problem to them in here - .us/feedback

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Hi Anil,

I have also faced exactly the same issue today, after completing step5 (Pay) I have been redirected to step7 (Return to CKGS for Physical Documents Submission) directly instead of step6 (Go to the Government site to fill the NRI Passport Form).

However, there was a link provided for navigating to the Government site to fill the NRI Passport Form but when I tried to open the link I encountered “Internal Server Error” and webpage is crashing down. It looks to be a server issue.

Also, not able to submit the feedback form to report this issue. Please advice on this matter

@sri7788 how did you progress further on this issue, can you please share your experience?

Tips to Fix a 500 Internal Server Error
Refresh the page. This might seem obvious, but if it’s a temporary loading issue, you might find success if you refresh the page.
Come back later.
Delete your browser’s cookies.
Paste your URL into the website “Down for Everyone or Just Me.”

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