Invitation after ACS expired. Can request exception

Hello Anil,
I Submitted SA 190,491 EOI on 19Jan22…
19Sep22 my ACS expired. But 26Sep22 I got an invitation for 190 from SA.
As the duration of my ACS validity was through the pandemoc lockdown. Can i request for consideration to SA? If I submit the application within 14days to SA, and request for time to get ACS cleared within grants?

At the time of DHA invitation, all your docs should be valid which you claimed points in EOI; else they can reject. Anyway, you can wait for their response !


You mean, can i submit the 190 application to SA?

You are not supposed to submit with invalid docs. If you’ve requested SA for exception, you can wait for their response and update here.

In our case, PTE was about to expire in 6 weeks ; but the Pre invite mail says it should be valid for 12 weeks. But we requested Victoria for fast processing and they approved in 1 day.

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hello ratheesh,
i need a help in submitting eoi and have few queries. do you mind sharing your contact with me. I would highly appreciate it, or if possible contact me on 8830517596.
thanks :pray:t2:

Hello Bimal,
I can share the general queries updates here. Since I’m not expert, please take others opinion too. Also our EOI is filled completely by agent; so we shared all the info requested by them.

Thank for the reply Ratheesh.
I was confused with EOI. I am filing for 189 and 190 visa. So please correct me on below points:

  • For 190 visa, only states: ACT (canberra matrix) and VIC (ROI account) requires separate
    registration (ROI) on their websites, and for rest other states - just filling EOI is enough
  • My first skill assessment is positive and they considered 4.7 yrs as experience, and I am short with just 5 months to claim for another 5 points. So, do I need to make another skill assessment to claim extra experience (5months) considering I am still working with my last employer? or just updating EOI would suffice?

I would appreciate your response.

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Hello Bimal,

We were interested for Melbourne and 189 only. So one EOI was created for both 189 and 190 (selected Victoria). When Victoria announced for ROI submission, we did it.

For your second query, no new skill assessment is needed. I think no end date needs to be given so that when you’re eligible by crossing 5 years, the point would increase automatically.


Age also similar way. When you crossed the age limit, your point would reduce automatically :frowning:

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That answers my questions.
Thank you Ratheesh. Appreciate it. :pray:

Well Ratheesh, my first preference for victoria is 190. However, if chances are less for 190, then only I want to go for 491. So, the question is, should I select both 190 and 491 in the EOI and submit ROI for 190? Doing this will let Victoria state know that I am also interested for 491 and may be chances for my 190 could be low. So, should I only select 190 in the EOI and wait for few months to get 190, and if I dont receive invite, then withdraw ROI 190 and submit new ROI for 491 and update EOI also with 491 this time.
what do you suggest? Hope i am not consufing you.

As mentioned earlier, we selected only 189 and 190. So no idea on 491 and how ROI works. I heard you can submit only one ROI to Victoria.