Invitation from Victoria state - Do they send it based on points or after looking at profile?

Hello Anil, we have received the invitation from Victoria state today & my score was 80 (including 5 from State nomination).
My query is I am Food technologist & have applied under Engineering Technologist category. On the Victoria state website, they have specifically mentioned that only Civil & Mechanical engineers are eligible. In my EOI, I chose Victoria state just in case they review my profile & based on my higher education from USA & strong work experience ( 11 years with Big MNC) they might offer invitation.

Do you know if the states offer invitation just purely on points posted on EOI or they review the EOI profile & then send invitation to apply.

Please let me know.

The state sends an invite purely on the basis of points. This is called pre-invite.

Now, you will need to submit your documentary proof to Victoria and then they will check your documents.

Unfortunately, Victoria is notorious for rejecting high number of applications after pre-invite.

So, my suggestion is to keep a back up plan or have a second EOI in parallel to keep your profile open for other state or 189 invitation.

Hello Anil,

Thanks a lot for your reply and guidance. I need further insight from yourself:

  • In my EOI application, I have selected two Visa Types as per snapshot below i.e. Subclass 189 (75 points) and subclass 190 (80 points) for which I chose Victoria state. So as per your email for a back-up plan, I belive the 189 Visa EOI application will still remain valid and keep me in queue from Federal nomination, incase Victoria state reject the Visa Nomination. Is that the right assumption and do you believe it will work as back-up or I should do something different?

  • Is there any negative effect of having a rejection from one State (subclass 190) on the overall EOI for different class i.e. 189?

  • Shall I still go ahead and apply to Victoria State as they have sent me the Invitation to appply, even though there is the doubt of only Civil & Mechanical Engg are listed as eligible under the Engineering Technologist occupation on there website. What do you suggest?

  • What is the normal time Victoria state takes once the nomination request is submitted.

Thanks a lot in advance Anil for your great support.



Hello Anil,

One More Query

  • If we submit Victoria Nomination file, is there a chance to still get Invite from Federal State under 189 in parallel in coming months or this goes on hold. Reason I ask this question is we have currently 75 points and there is a possibility to gain 5 more via Partner Skills. Shall we make efforts of her giving Exam + get here Skill assessed to speed up our Nomination under 189 category?

Thanks once again.



Apply to Victoria

You can apply for Victoria and wait for their result. They usually take about 6-12 weeks to respond.

Create a new EOI

I suggest to create a new EOI and select 189. This way you will still have a back up plan in case Victoria approved your nomination and you get 190 invite in your current EOI. Once you get an invite, your EOI is locked.

So, it is better to create a separate one.

Hello Anil,

Further to your above advice, I have created an additional EOI on May 21st for 189 nomination. So in summary, we have 2 EOI submissions for occupation Engineering Technologist (233914):

  1. EOI Number 1 - for 189 & 190 (Victoria state) and in this Victoria have invited us to apply for nomination. I have applied to weeks ago.
  2. EOI Number 2 - for 189 Skilled independent nomination only, submitted on May 21st.

My question is that I have provided the same email address on both EOI submissions.

  • Would that have any negative effect or could lead to one account not being considered for nomination?
  • Do you suggest I should create 2nd EOI submissions with a different email Id?

Please let us know what I should do?

Many thanks,

Hi @Ritika123
I usually recommend 2 different email IDs.

I am not sure if they really check for email IDs in the background or not. We do not have any data or information to say anything about it.