Is aadhar required for Indian passport renewal in USA?

Hi Anil,
Thank you for the information.
My passport is going to expire in July. I have filled the CKGS form but I don’t have an aadhar card as I am in Usa for more than 7 years. I am not able to proceed after the 1st page on the Indian website. It’s says “please enter aadhar number”.
Can you please help or suggest what to do ?

Hi @Sandeep_Karne

I think aadhar has been made mandatory. You can apply aadhar and then fill up this application.

By any chance, are you changing your address on passport?

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Thanks for the prompt reply Anil. I’m an I use the same address in India on my passport ? Some of my friends have given their USA address even if they were renting the apt. Even that I am not sure.
And about aadhar card can I apply from USA and get the number ?

Hi @Sandeep_Karne

You can apply aadhar from USA.

You can change address on passport to USA address too.

@Sandeep_Karne I am in the same boat, could you please share if you needed to apply to Adhar card?

Yes I was able to renew my passport without aadhar.
If the page is not allowing you to go to the next page just tick ‘NO’, It will take you to the next page.


Hi @Anil.Gupta is Adhaar number mandatory for completing nri passport application form? I am trying to renew my passport through ckgs here in SFO.

Hi ,

My name in passport is Given Name :- Sankara Pillai Surname :- Sabarish Sathasivan
and my name in Aadahar is Sabarish Sathasivan S . Will this cause any issues if I check yes to I Agree question in Aadhar

Hi @anil_am22 I need to apply for passport renewal and also an address change. Currently, my Aadhar has the old address as in my passport and I do not have any Indian address in my name.

What address do I need to provide in ‘to be printed address’ and ‘other address’? And what address do I need to provide for police verification?

I have been in the US for the last 3 years and haven’t had a chance to change address on any of my documents.

Please help and give your suggestions.

So basically if you are NRI with no Aadhaar Card you can check No at the end to go to next page. Right bro. were you able to complete the application and get your passport?

Yes I was able to get the passport, it was very quick.

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Dont respond if you dont know the rules. Aadhar is not a mandatory requirement to get the passport renewed abroad. Please note