Is anyone aware of Opulence Innovation (OPC) Pvt. Ltd?

I have got a call and mail from Opulence Innovation (OPC) Pvt. Ltd that they help find job in Australia/Canada etc first and then do the PR process. Is there anyone who has obtained service from them or atleast aware of this company?

Hi @Vinitha

Be very careful while dealing with such companies. You do NOT need a job offer to apply for Australia PR at this time.

Do not pay nay money unless you know what you are doing and what kind of services you expect from the company.

I have not heard about this company before.

Thanks Anil for response.

The mail I got from them had mentioned this We are registered with Government of India (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

Our MCA Registration No. (CIN) – U72900DL2018OPC337583

Hence thought of checking on this forum. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I would not believe any Indian government registered company so easily either.
You know how things happen and how they can be done with power of money.

Hi Vinitha,
I too got the call from OPC asking me to pay Rs 3000/- for Tech Assessment as initial signup. Could you please share your feedback and experiences,hence in could decide whether to proceed ahead with OPC or not…

Hi Parachi

I din’t signup with them as I am reluctant. I couldn’t find any positive reviews online about them.


I had a pathetic experience with Opulence Innovation and I would never recommend anyone to go for their service unless someone has extra bucks to loose.

Firstly after the interview when I paid for the main process to begin ( visa application/documentation), I asked them to send me a sample copy of the agreement but they refused to send so and were not open to disclose the terms and conditions before I make the complete payment.

2nd I trusted on them and made the complete payment. After that they send me the agreement and asked me send back the signed copy. Before that they never mentioned that if I fail to provide documents of IELTS I won’t be getting back my money refunded. Though I had mentioned prior that I don’t have any IELTS score card. They always mentioned that its not asked in most of the cases 70/30.

Seeing the agreement I again’ raised the concern but they again told not to worry about it and the 70-30 % thing.

In sort they asked me to sign an agreement before I know what all documents they are going to ask for. And if I fail to provide so, they won’t be refunding your money back.

3rd After signing the agreement 10-12 days later they send me a document checklist in which they asked for 7.5 overall band in IELTS as well as in all the sections. Seeing that, I asked them that I don’t want to proceed with the process but they refused to refund my money back and I have no other option than to go with the documentation process or backout without any refund.

Basically they didn’t allowed me to opt out once they had the complete payment from me.

If anyone is having an 8 in IELts score(for Cannada, for AU it’s higher) then I would say file for visa youself rather going with organization like this. Else your money and time, I just shared my experience and views.

Thanks @dsaurab for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Most of the agencies just try to extract money and once you pay, they just make you do all the work.