Is B1\B2 visa valid after in land status changed?

I have entered USA on tourist visa (B1\B2) in October 2014 (Valid till 2024) and did status change to student visa (F1) (i94 shows Admit until 03-31-2015) (I-797C I-539 received 03-19-2015) (I-797A Receipt date 03-23-2015 Notice date 12-04-2015 Valid from 12-12-2015) (Will my duration will consider as overstayed? till I got my F1 Approval Valid from 12-12-2015 Valid until valid for duration of status) got approved (No stamp on passport) inland I was in USA till 2018 on Student visa (F1). Then I moved to Canada (in 2018) got married to Canadian citizen. Currently having Indian citizenship and Canadian PR.
The question is these November 2022 my wife’s cousins getting married in USA and they have invited us for wedding can I still reenter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2 as its valid till 2024) or I need to re-apply for new tourist visa because of change of status inland to student (F1) and not having stamp on passport before leaving USA? Did I overstayed while waiting for I-797A approval comes?
If yes tourist visa (B1\B2) stamped on passport still valid, speaking practically will the immigration officer will let me enter the USA or not as I previously enter USA on (B1/B2) and did inland status change to student (F1) (Did English course to polish my English accent and vocabulary as I was amazed the way US people speaking English is so much better than what I learn back home) he/she can reject me or bard me from reentering? (I will have my wife (Canadian citizen) traveling with me and will have return ticket for both of us in addition I have my Canadian citizen filed and is in process and We both have nice job in Canada)

My Intention is to go attain my wife’s cousin wedding (as they came to attain my wedding in Canada) have fun and come back to Canada as I am having amazing life and bright feature in Canada.

Thank You.

The period between your B2 I-94 (admit until date) expiry till your change of status approval is considered period of authorized stay, so no issue.

Many people do this so as far as you maintained your F1 status, no need to worry.


I did maintain my F1 Status till I came to Canada. I20 was valid but how will immigration officer will know that? Should I carry my old I20 that was valid till I came to Canada as a proof? or immigration officer will be able to pull that record as my latest I94 Showes date Admit till 03-31-2015 is not up to date.

CBP will have access to all your immigration data, no need to worry.

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