Is Form 16 annexure required for ACS assessment proof


I have 10 years experience working with Cognizant and as per the ACS guidelines the work experience must be 1 document less than 3 MB.

I’m struggling to reduce number of pages in the document (for each year 2 payment proofs).

Does anyone have an idea about how many pages of Form 16 need to be given as proof? Is the annexure required?

My cognizant India payslip has a text “Computer generated payslip is not valid unless authorized”, has anyone faced any issues with this? (never noticed this until gathering documents for assessment)

Another question for anyone who also has US experience. To show proof of employment, does ACS need payslips for entire month (which would mean 2 separate) or is it enough to just show the payslip for first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks of the year, instead of giving for whole month?

Please let me know if more information is needed to answer my queries.

Thank you

Follow this ACS assessment article as it has answers to all your queries:

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reply.
The form 16’s that I have are each 1.5 MB (for 1 year) after compression (Using just the essential first 2 pages, no annexure), tried compressing using adobe scan, acrobat, some web tool etc.

The only other option I see is converting file to word and back. (I’m hoping that would reduce the size)

So, as ACS is fine with a max of 8 pdf’s (albeit for multiple company work exp), is it possible at all to divide work experience of a single company into multiple documents, or is their 1 company 1 pdf rule extremely rigid and they just give a negative assessment if multiple documents are submitted for 1 company?

Please let me know if you or anyone else has had any experience with this.


The rule is 8 different type of type of documents and not the number of documents.

So, you can split the form 16 for 1 company into multiple PDFs.

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Hi Aditya,
Are your above queries resolved? I have exactly similar questions as you have mentioned… what you have done for form 16 size and salary slip issues?