Is it mandatory to have the name of the spouse & in-laws address on the passport for PCC in Punjab?


I recently got married & my husband lives in canada. I am now in a need of PCC to lodge a file for permanent residency but yesterday I was sent back from the passport office saying the rules had changed just 2 days ago & I should get my passport re-issued with the name of my spouse on it.
But I had checked the list of documents several times before going and found nothing suggesting the above mentioned issue. Also, due to pandemic the govt. is not updating the aadhar cards as well.
So could you please suggest whether i need to change my address (from maternal place to in-laws place) AND my marital status for PCC??
P.S. My maternal address is same as that on the passport.

  1. Could you please share the link of the official page where I can find about the checklist?


Sofia Sharma

I am not aware of any such rule change. They are probably just trying to extract money from you.

Hi, yes the rules has changed now. but if your visa in processing stage it can be excluded by showing the proper visa approval documents. for those who are applying initially must add their spouse name in passport.

Hello @Sofia_Sharma did you get your PCC yet ?

I am facing the same issue!

How you sorted out this problem!

Hi can you please send me the link or any PDF where they are saying that rules have changed!

Hey!! My wife is having the same issue. I am a citizen of the USA. I applied for my wife in early 2020. We did not change her middle name in the passport. Now her immigration file is already approved and we need a police clearance certificate and they are asking for my name in her passport. She showed them our visa file approval letter still they are saying that she needs to get a middle name changed. I do not want any issue in the immigration process due to this middle name change. Can you send a pdf doc mentioning this rule and listed criteria for exclusion from this rule.

hii Nirav,

Even I couldn’t find anything. I’ve gone through the official site several times reading the rules & regulations but unfortunately, I just found that one can submit supporting documents justifying their marriage/ basis on which they are applying for a resident permit + the passport.
I’ve asked various officials about this as well and everyone told me different stories. Also, sent emails to the external affairs ministry in the end to gain clarity but in vain.
However, on the official site ( it is mentioned that in case you have lodged the file you can request for an early PCC showing their approval.

Now, I’ve opted for an offline PCC from my local police station. Remember you may require 2 PCCs- one from your wife’s parent’s place & other from in-law’s place. But as you have already lodged your file so I should ask your lawyer. Hope one would suffice.

All the best. Hope everything goes smooth for you.

hello unnati,

At last, I had to go for offline PCC from the local police station as applying for a new passport required an updated aadhar which till now I haven’t received. Its been 20 days now but I got one of my PCCs today (in 10-15 days). But frankly, no one has a clear explaination or proof of something regarding the rules etc.

Consult your lawyer if an offline PCC would work.

Thanks for your response