Is my husband eligible for global talent visa - international celebrity management business

Hello @negi
Is my husband eligible for global talent visa-

Education. Be in electronics Mumbai university year 2010
Also done family managed business from sp Jain in year 2013

Work - working in own business of plastic manufacturing industrial products like fuel tanks for tractors.

He has travelled abroad extensively and attended seminars in related field

Has memberships in international forums of his related field

Has started a celebrity engagement platform in 2020 which has some international celebrities as well on it .

What are chances of global talent visa Australia

Hello @Queryraiser

Please try to understand the meaning of Global Talent independent program. It means that the Australian Govt will give full working and living rights to those bright, exceptional and highly skilled candidates who can contribute to Australia’s targeted sectors. Those candidates need to be internationally recognized (with evidence), be prominent in their field of expertise, and are able to prove that they will be an asset to the Australian Govt. It is the most easiest and fastest way of getting PR if the candidate is exceptionally talented and meet the eligibility criteria.

Sadly, your husband will not qualify for this.

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