Is notary stamp on separate paper okay for Passport Renewal?

Hi Team,

Please confirm for the Notarizing of the documents related to India passport renewing , I have visited chase bank for getting change in Appearance and i797 Document, they Notarized on separate page and not the xerox copy.

Kindly confirm is this ok for Renewal of Indian passport or need to get Notarized on Xerox copy itself.


That should be fine.

Thank you Anil, I will proceed ahead.


Hi @Sunny_17

Was everything okay with using the chase notary?

Yes, Sai it worked fine, I received renewal passports as well


Thank you for the response sunny.

@anil_am22 @Sunny_17 - I got my document notarized from bank today, they just put a notary stamp on it (next to my signature) and then notary officer signed and dated it… is that it ?? Will that be enough ??? I read somewhere online that the notary stamp should mention the document is a TRUE COPY of original…

@Shaleen_Somani What’s the update here?

I got my documents notarized as well, and it’s a separate copy attached to the I797, Address Proof and other declarations, which only has a seal saying - “see attached document for notary”

Did they staple the notarized paper document to your i797 and change of appearance? or do we need to attach paper clips only for notarized documents.


Not required to attach any clips just keep all documents in sequence example Keep i797 document then notarized form or vice verse same way for other documents, notarized page will have details