Is Tatkal renewal just about paying more?

When you renew your passport in India, if you want Tatkal you have to go with some additional documents: at least 3 ID proofs.

But in SFO consulate, the website does not list any additional documents for Tatkal. Just more fees. Is this for real?

Also, do they do police verification in India after issuing passport or before under Tatkal? If it is before, I would travel back to India and handle the police verification in the worst case.

You don’t need to travel to India for police verification. It happens for everyone and they do know that you are not in India.

Tatkal is probably only about extra fee and faster service outside India.

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Hi @anil_am22 Anil,

Yes you are right, but no one is staying at our ancestral home currently.

I have no idea why, but the police always want to “talk to someone” while doing verification and check documents (the same ones we already gave to the MEA). So I might have to be there myself.

And it looks like in NYC consulate they require 3 ID documents for Tatkal but in SFO consulate they don’t. weird, each one has their own rules.

I just got my passport renewed in NY. If you are not updating the Indian address and have the same Address on Aadhaar card, it’ won’t cause any issue.

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