Is there an option to renew Indian passport in person at SFO in COVID-19?

Hi @Anil.Gupta thank you for your amazing blog. I’ve been waiting for CKGS SF to open and it’s finally opening on June 1, 2020.

I have 2 questions:

  • Is there an option in the method above to do it in person?
  • my old passport’s address is my college hostel, which I have left long ago. Do I have to select “change address” to update my address to my US address?

Hi @Siddharth_Manu

Passport services are not given in person at any Indian embassy.

In normal circumstances, there is an option to drop your passport application package at CKGS office.

I am not sure if they will allow it in Coronavirus situation or not. You have to check CKGS website.

For your hostel address question, i answered it earlier here:

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Hi @anil_am22

For me, below link is not taking me to submission page. Tried different browsers

VFS website is not working for me, following your doc. Any help? Not able to contact VFS customer care phone number directly on this.

The link to Add New Customer in VFS website is not taking to Submission page after submit. Made sure all details are entered correctly.

I’m seeing same problem. Not able to “Create New Customer”. After submit it just goes back to Govt Number field.

Great, Let’s wait to know how it worked for @anil_am22

Hi. Anyone facing issue while making payment on VFS global website for renewal of passport? It is not letting me go further after creating a new application for the payment. how to resolve this?

I am unable to add customer itself. I am filling all the required fields like
GVT. REF no.
pass exp date
birth city
pass issue date
issue place.

and when I submit, It would just not go further. I am stuck there,
If guide me If someone has any answers.

Yes, there are multiple problems with VFS and the latest is, CKGS is resuming services from 11/9

Same problem here - getting stuck at Add Customer step…
@Suresh - About CKGS is there any website they have made this announcement of CKGS resuming the services?

Thanks…Indian Consulate general site still shows VFS…what a mess…I have sent email like you all for the issues with Add new customer…will keep you all posted if things resolve…