Is there any issue if you have gap in work experience for PR 189/190

Hi Team,

I got my acs assessment letter positive. I have launched EOI, but I would like to know if having any gap in work experience will cause any issues in case if I get a invite. I got 4 months gap from Dec 2011 to April 2012 and during this time I didn’t work. Can some one please clarify if this gap has to be justified later on in case of an invite or it is fine.


ACS would have already accounted for this gap and then given the relevant experience number.

Use that relevant experience as mentioned in ACS letter to be on safe side.

Thank you Anil. I have mentioned all the experiences given by ACS in my EOI. I was curious if they ask for any kind of justification in case of an invite is received. Thanks a lot for your clarification.


They usually don’t ask if you have submitted ACS as ACS is supposed to give report only after validations.

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Thanks a bunch Anil for the clarification.