Is there any method to speed up the I130 GC process

Dear Amit… I’ve gone through ur articles… quite informative. Well my query is that my US citizen brother filed my I 130 and my PD is 10Aug 2015 California Processing Centre…Is there any procedure… which speeds up the process? We have heard that if my parents become PR then our case might be cleared in 3-4 yrs. Please advise… Thanks

Hi @Jaspreet_Singh

There is no way to expedite the existing I130 application that your US citizen brother has filed.

Your waiting queue can change if your Green card holder parents sponsor you for I130. If the waiting time in that queue is shorter, then, you might get it earlier.

You can check each I130 queue’s current processing time here.

Thanks a lot. Sorry i forgot to tell you that I am a married person n born in 1981 so in that case will there be any chance to get the PR earlier if my parents get their Green cards?

Hi @Jaspreet_Singh

As I said, you have to check the category queue where you fall and then check its processing time.
Did you check it?

Yes I already checked… But it shows only for Married/Unmarried Children under21 + married over 21 yrs…but Nothing for married over 21

Then, you are not eligible to be sponsored by your Green card parents.

It is better to stay in the current queue.

One more thing… Can u please guide that how these files are allotted to different Case Processing Centres?
Is it possible to withdraw the present application and re-apply to a different location if the current address location of the sponsor brother has changed… Or it can be automatically adjusted to another CPC Falling under the new address?

You cannot choose an application service center. If you withdraw, you will lose the current spot in the queue.

It is better to wait.