Is USCIS Wasting Green Card Spillover in 2021? - Questions & Answers

USCIS has released their quarterly data for i485 employment-based approvals between Oct 2020 to Mar 2021 and the numbers do not look encouraging. USCIS has only approved 17,896 Green cards between 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Mar 2021. The number is even lower than their first-quarter i485 approvals which stood at 27,485. USCIS i485 approvals…

This is not good. Seems like almost certain that much more GCs can get wasted :frowning:

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Charlie may not increase the Eb2/Eb3 FAD anymore seeing these numbers for the rest of the year.

Can @amtech22 make predictions on up till which Priority date in both EB2 and EB3 will get Green Cards in Hand if out of the 262,000

  • 100,000 Visas are used
  • 125,000 Visas are used
  • 150,000 Visas are used
  • 200,000 Visas are used
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You can play with the Green Card wastage values yourself here:


Thanks @anil_am22 .This app provides insight into Priority Date becoming current .
I was looking Predictions 1 step further i.e after the I-485 packet has been submitted , up till which dates will EB2 and EB3 be getting Green Cards. I understand there is no calculation possible , still asking.

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I have heard and also seen reports that once your FAD becomes current, its totally random i.e. PD 2011 can get GC before PD 2010.

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This would defeat the whole purpose of the PD and one’s number in the GC line. I dont think USCIS will do this kind of random processing.

Hello All, is there any hope now for EB2 PD Oct 2013 to get greened by FY 2022?

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That is correct and I know some people from 2010 who have not received their GC while some from 2011 who have. All of them are current, and documentary qualified. After PD is current, it is a random luck of draw though some say that it depends on the Received Date and also on the officer handling your case.


Have you already filed your I485 in October? Are you a downgrade or straight EB3? I believe that if you already filed in Oct '20 then you have a good chance of getting greened, assuming USCIS gets its act together in FY 2022.

Why do you keep asking the same question when your employer is not even supporting downgrade?