Is Victoria inviting applications under 135112 (ICT Project Manager)?

Hi Anil,

I submitted my EOI under ANZCO 135112 (ICT Project Manager) with 80 points (including 5 points for state nomination) in January 2019. There has been no response since then. That has made me wonder if Victoria is actually inviting applications under 135112? If yes, with 80 points, do I stand any chance to get the invite? If yes, looking at the trends, by when I could expect to get the ITA?

Thanks in advance for your advice


Hi @Rajat_S

I am not sure if anyone has received invite for project manager from Victoria. If I come across any case, i will share it with you here.

You have good chances with 80 points though. I cannot say how much time as states do not share any invite data.

Thanks Anil. Yes, please do let me know if you come across anyone who received invitation for 135112 from Victoria.


Hi Rajat

Did you get an invite. Im also planning to apply as ICT PM under 190 with same marks (75+5).

Thank you
Dilani Gomis

Hi Dilani,

Unfortunately I haven’t get the invite yet.


Hi @Anil.Gupta

How are the chances of invite from NSW for 135112 job code with 80+5 points? I’m located offshore, my spouse and I have superior English scores, plus spouse skills assessed positive for 225113 code.

Both our professions are on medium availability and no additional criteria.

Hi @Karthik_Chamy
At this time, the chances are fair for 80+5 points.

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Hi @Rajat_S,
May I know if you have received any further info regarding your EOI? If you got to know any body else who has received the invite?

Hi guys,

Does anyone on the same boat here? I lodged my EOI in Vic with 80 points for subclass 190 last October 2019. Any idea how long is the invite turn around time?

Appreciate your reply.

I have also lodged EOI with 80 points by may 2019, still waiting for the invite. I haven’t seen any recent invite for 1351 code, last invite happened on feb 2018 as per immitracker.

Thanks for your reply. Which country are you located? Do you have a migration agent when you lodged your EOI? Since May, it’s been 8 months already. If there will be changes this July 2020 for ICT Proj Manager skill, are we affected by the changes?

I am from India, have applied myself, no agents help.
It could impact the existing EOIs if there is any changes in new rules 2020, was there any rules are going to be changed?


I’ve been waiting on 85 points since Nov for same code. Chances seem slim.


OMG, did you update your EOI status on immigration tracker website?

Yes I did. But I also know that immitracker data is not comprehensive.

Most invites have gone to people with 90+ pts since Nov (after updated system). And none of their details are on the tracker!