Issues and doubts in ACS letter

Hi team,

I recently got my acs letter, but I could find some discrepancy/issues on it. I wrote an email to ACS, but no response at all.

Can some one please help me with below queries .

  1. For example lets say my first name is Artix and last name is Maze…
    They have mentioned like below :

Mr Artix Maze

Dear Mr Maze (This is my last name, does this cause an issue later on?)

I am not sure if calling Dear Mr Maze is an issue ( as it is my last name).

  1. My previous assessment was expired so I applied for new ACS, but my company was same during and after this duration…For some reason in the new ACS letter same experience was separated into two parts as mentioned as below:

Dates: 07/18 - 12/21 - 3 year(s) 6 month(s)
Position: Senior Associate
Employer: ABC Pvt. Ltd
Country: Outside Of Australia

Dates: 12/21 - 03/23 - 1 year(s) 3 month(s)
Position: Senior Associate
Employer: ABC Pvt Ltd
Country: Outside Of Australia

How should I put this in EOI? Can I combine it and keep as one or should I keep as mentioned on ACS letter which is two separate experiences because there are no gaps and I worked on the same company without gaps. Does this causes any issues even if I put as one or two. New ACS letter is causing is a lot of confusion. Please help… Thanks