Issues with checking the status of PERM on the website

Hi Anil,
We have been trying to find the status of PERM filed for my wife. For more than a week, we are not able to find status of the PERM. After, giving the receipt number, we don’t see any results of the status. Is there any technical problem with updating the status? Please let us know

Hi @Sumanth_Prasad

Are you talking about PERM status check on am22tech website or DOL website?

We will check if it is am22tech site. Can you share your PERM case number here?

I meant the am22tech website. It was down till yesterday. But now I see the status and it seems to be working. Nevertheless, the PERM case number for my wife is A1912099451. It says pending. Previously, the website used to show ETA. Now it doesn’t. I guess it is hard to do an ETA.

Hi @Sumanth_Prasad

The estimated date feature is still in beta and it may not work sometime. Also, it tries to find a probable date based on case’s status around your case.

Will check to see what could have gone wrong.

Thanks for your reply. However, I dont see any Labor certification (PERM) approvals beyond July 23 receipt date. Do you know if that is an issue? Let us know.

DOL has not shared data after Sep 23 at this time. The site will be updated as soon as the data is shared.

Hi Anil,

My PERM was applied on Feb 2020, till last week the Case was update with Estimated Approval date. This week the status update changed to " Could not estimate approval date. Please try again later.". Do you have any past note with same situation. Your reply will be most helpful.

The data is updated every day and estimates change too. The app uses artificial intelligence to find the date.

Use it tomorrow to see if it is able to estimate a date using new data.