Job and location change with the same employer after LCA

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Hello Everyone,

I work as a mechanical Engineer for an employer in Illinois. I was recently offered a Mechnical Engineering Manager role in our office in Georgia (same employer but the title, job responsibilities and pay change).

My employer started the PERM process last year ( march,2023). Prevaling wage determination recieved and PERM recruitment period started for my current role.

I was previously on a F1 visa and got my H1B in 2020. My visa says that its valid until 3/2025 but i believe that it can be extended until 2026.

I dont think i have time to have the PERM process restarted ( assusming that it takes over 2-2.5 years to get the i140 approved )

Is my only option to let go of the job opportunity if i want the i140 approved before my Visa expires ?

You can keep the current PERM and i140 active and still move to the new job location.

If its the same employer, then, they should be able to keep the current PERM process active. This will help you file the H1B extension later once you have exhausted the 6 year quota.

You should be able to also start the new PERM and i140 process for new location in Georgia while the existing one is pending.

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Can you please provide some detail on what my company attorney’s will have do if my current perm is active and my new perm does not process by the time by h1b expires ? ( they keep sayign that its location specific and that they have to restart ).

So lets say after 2 years if my old pern application is kept active and there is a i140 for my old job and location.
My employer has to file a i485, wait 180 days and file i485 for location and job change ?

Am i missing something?