Job Change Query: Can one take Management/Sales Role after on I-140?

I am currently working in an Indian Outsourcing company as Technical Lead (IT Project Manager) role in petition. I-140 is approved and I am now looking to change jobs.

Can I consider taking roles such as Client Partner, Account Executive OR Sales Head/Director in other companies. These jobs do require a bachelors degree and technical knowhow in a particular product/service area.

My I-140 role was Technical Architect. A few folks suggested my new role has to be around Project management or technical architect but I haven’t seen any specifics around it. I do have a 1 year MBA form India but sadly USICS does not recognizes it.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience with this scenario. appreciate your comments on how to go about this. OR Should I stop considering such roles on H1B all together.

The qualifying H1B job has to be related to your degree and experience, titles don’t matter much. As far as you have enough documentation to support your skills and experience in the job domain you should be good.
I would consult a lawyer and get their advice.

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