Job duties for Engineers Australia

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I have been applying for assessment for engineers Australia inorder to contribute for my spouse points. My last company work experience is with Wipro. The wipro had issued simple Job duties letter during my relieving in the year 2016. The letter has only the tools and methods technology i have been worked. It doesn’t have detailed my job role in the project . Consultancy is asking for same. wipro denied of giving letter. Consultancy is also not sure on strong hold on affidavit too.

I’m attaching my letter. Can you please suggest whether the letter i have holds good and shall i go ahead with assessment or should i take up affidavit with any one colleague.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Bhavyaksmurthy

It is difficult to tell if this letter will be accepted by any assessment agency or not. It looks good to me though.

You have to check with ‘Engineers Australia’ if they will accept this letter or not.

is their any way i can check it ?? what about affidavit from colleague ?? will it hold strong ??

Employer letter is better than colleague affidavit. You have to contact engineers Australia to find out what can work for you.

I’m sorry i didn’t get you about contacting engineer australia ?? Like can we drop an email ??

There must be some way to contact which you can find on their website.

I am not sure why you are looking at Engineers Australia for assessment? Your work seems to be in software development.

What ANZSCO code have you chosen for yourself?

Nope My profile suits for electronics engineer . I have chosen 233411 and my role is Hardware design engineer.

You should be able to call or email ‘Engineers Australia’ to clarify your confusion.