Job duties from employer skill letter does not match point to point in PERM 9089

Hello Anil:

My PERM got approved about a month ago, and we are getting ready to file I140. Now in the form 9089 alien experience, I filled up my previous TCS job roles and responsibilities for 10 points.
But my skill letter from TCS has only 5 points. I added these 5 points in the alien experience and in addition I filled up another 5 points totaling 10 points in form 9089
But in my perm, advertisement and skill letter, the skills are matching, but the job roles and responsibilities doesn’t exactly match. like the 5 extra points are not in my skill letter.

Will this be a problem during I140 approval?

It should not be a problem.

thanks Anil
appreciate your help

Hi Anil. My attorney is now asking for affidavit from co worker with the job duties and skills. Do you have a template for that?

Hi @gganesh91
This co-worker experience letter template works for most cases.

Hi Anil:

I worked My entire tenure in tcs chennai campus. I gave the same address in perm form too.

But skill letter, service certificate all has headquarters mumbai address in its letterpad. Is that fine?

Hi @gganesh91

Company headquarter address on skill letter is fine. No issues.

Hi anil:
Just want to share.
Contacted upper management of TCS about change in skill letter because I have issue in PERM.
The team accepted this and gave me option to update skill letter once more after manager approves.

Hi @gganesh91

Thanks for sharing. I must say that you got Lucky as they usually do not change the letter.

And do the job duties of the past company and present company should be the same?
Skills matches, but job duties dont exactly match 100%

Job duties should match.

You should talk to your attorney and find out the keywords that should be mentioned in skill letter match your PERM application.

I HAve got the updated skill letter and it doesn’t 100% match the present job duties in perm, but skills are matching.
worried that my i140 will be rejected

There is no need to match 100%. Don’t worry. You are fine if it matches about 65%.

Hi Ganesh . I am in a similar situation . I too require need skill letter with different content .
Could you please tell me how you approached higher management ? Higher management means our project members or HR department.

Please help Ganesh.

Hi @gganesh9, If possible can you please share the Skills letter given by TCS?