Job role change and promotion - chances of getting PERM approved

Because of the job role change and promotion and promotion, PERM is being filed. Need advice if if there are chance of PERM getting approved.

2013 - I joined a company as a Senior Software Developer.
2013 - Filed PERM with the Senior Developer profile.
2014 - I-140 approved in PD in 2014 in EB2.
2015-2016 - worked on several information security projects.
2016 - With the same roles and responsibility got promoted to AVP.
2017 - Took an internal transfer to the Information security department.
Informed lawyers. They said the amendment will be filed along with the visa extension in 2018.
2018 - Along with the H1B-Visa extension, an amendment was made with new job responsibilities in information security.
I was told a new PERM will be filed. It was not filed.
2020 - Got promoted to VP, Information Security in May 2020.
Informed lawyers. I was told a new PERM will be filed. It was not filed.
October 2020 - With the October bulletin, I am eligible to port to EB3.
BUT NOW - lawyers say need to file a new PERM because job responsibilities change and more than one promotion level from senior dev (when my I-140 was issued) to VP.

For the PERM, lawyers want me to come up with job descriptions/special requirements for my current role (VP, Information Security).
They say for VP they need Master’s degree +5 years or Bachelor’s degree +7 years.
I do have an overall experience of >7 years.

However, they also say I can’t use my any experience as AVP to qualify for the current role.
It needs to be things I gained as a senior software developer or any prior employers.

I don’t know if this 7+ experience is for information security or IT in general because although I did work information security stuff for a couple of years (2015-2016) as a Senior developer, the majority of my work experience is primarily in software development. What are my options?

When I was switching departments I did ask lawyers about this and they said It should not be a problem. But now with the new perm with this current situation and the above scenario, would I be able to have my PERM approved?

Usually, the PERM approval depends on the work experience that was primarily in the job position that your Employer mentions on the job advertisement.

So, you need to ask your Employer and their attorney has to help you frame the job requirements in a way that you can justify your profile for this job and PERM.