Job Title Change H1B transfer

Hi Anil/Kalpesh

My 140 was approved back in 2016 and I was with employer for more than 180 days so I can use this to extend/transfer H1B until I get my GC. The first 140 was filed with “Software Engineer” as the title but I have always been a DB developer/Engineer. I am currently interviewing for these roles so my new employer would use “Database Engineer” as title for my new H1b transfer/ GC process. Is this going to be a problem with the title change?

You may have more than one PERM with different positions, doesn’t matter as far as the employer sponsoring your PERM has a bonafide job offer for you, is able to pay and you have the matching degree/skills/experience to perform the job.
With new employer you may be able to port your PD from your old PERM too.