L1 and I140 then leave usa

I am on L1A blanket, and got i140 approved in eb1 category. Due to personal reasons I may have to leave USA. assume that I am out of USA next 2 years. If eb1 dates have become current within this 2 Yeats time, how do i approach? Is there a time limit in which. I485 needs to be filed post i140 approval? And on which I will have to go back to USA assuming I am still with the same employer?

If the date gets current then you will need to file i-485 to get in the queue.

If you are outside USA at that time when your date gets current then you can file immigrant visa application at one of the US embassy.

I140 will stay valid. If you change employer, then you will need a new employer who can sponsor i140 for you.

Thank you Anil for your prompt response. So if I come back to USA before priority date, then it becomes i485 process. If I am still outside USA when priority date becomes current, then I will have to go with immigrant visa. Is my understanding right?

Can you provide pros and cons of i485 Vs immigrant visa?

Thank you again.