L1 B individual Visa Stamping 221 G

Hello, Sir

I appeared for L1 B individual visa interview at Kolkata. VO asked me general questions and provided me 221G White Paper and asked me to submit attached

Can you please let me know how long will it take post submission of documents and are there any chances of approval if my company provides all the documents.

Thank you.

Hi @vishal_2019

There is no fixed time frame for getting response for form 221g. The type of admin processing you have got, it is taking anywhere between 30 working days to 8 weeks at this time.

The approval also depends on the paperwork your employer submits.

Thanks Anil what are probable or average result in this type of 221g.

I do not want to demotivate but its 50-50 chance.

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I submitted documents on 23 aug and heard that client received email for verification. Client did verification on 29 aug is this good sign?
How long can it take to clear my 221g. Can you please help

Hi @vishal_2019

It is a good sign and you have good chances of approval if client replied with correct information.

Thanks Anil sir, was just curious to know how long it can take to get reply from kolkata consulate.

Hi @vishal_2019

There is no fixed time. Each case takes its own time.

Hi Anil I got reply from consulate on 3 sept and submitted my passport on 5 sept to Mumbai Consulate. Could you please tel me how long do they take.
On CEAC i see case was last updated on 11 sept and Passport Status is ‘Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate’

Hi @vishal_2019

Usually, when the embassy asks for passport, they do give it back within 1-5 days with the visa stamp.

But, in those cases the CEAC status changes to ISSUED first.

In your case, it seems that US embassy is doing some more administration processing before they approve your visa.

Once the CEAC status changes to ‘issued’, you will get passport back within 2-3 days.

Anil sir Should i be hopeful as i am not sure what are this signs

Hi @vishal_2019

Don’t worry, you will get approval soon. Have patience.

Anil Sir i am not sure what are this signs should i be hopeful or not?

Hi @vishal_2019

Have you got any result?