L1A Extension in RFE- AOS Filed

Hi Anil,

My L1 extension is currently pending decision after RFE response submitted in Dec.
my I94 was expired in July-2020, but L1 extension was filed before expiry in April-20. my 240 days expire in March 2021.
I have filed 485/765/131 in Oct, and got receipts in Dec.
RD- 26 Oct/ Notice Date-28 Nov
EAD process is very slow and not sure if I will be able to get EAD in next few months. USCIS processing time shows 5-9 months !!
I am seeing lot of denials nowdays on L1A extensions.

Pls advise on what should I do now :

  1. Should I upgrade to premium processing sometime in Feb-2021?
  2. What are my options if i receive adverse decision on my extension? Will I have to stop working and wait for EAD ?
  3. Since I filed my 485 in Oct after i94 expiry, if my visa is denied, will I be covered under 180 days of out of visa during for the adjustment? (105 days from receipt date, 138 days form Notice date)
  4. Do I qualify for expedite EAD request

Thank you very much !!

You can upgrade to premium if you have that option and the budget to apply for it.

You do need work authorization to work in the US. So, if an L1A extension is denied, then you may stay in the US-based on the pending i-485.

EAD expedite request may not be granted as USCIS has very high standards for it.

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Thanks Anil for your detailed response :pray:

How about your I-140? And any further progress so far?