L1A Refiling after extension denial

Currently I have my I94 and stamped Visa till 31st Jan 2021. As my petition was getting expired on 17th March 2029 I had applied for extension. And I received Denial on 1st July 2020.
It would be great help if I can get below andwers,

  1. if I can continue work as I have valid I94.
  2. What all are the options for refilling.
  3. As I am in L1A, can I go for external atorny to refile my petition as my employer is not ready for refilling.

Thanks & Regards.

Valid i94 only gives you the right to stay in the US.

If your extension has been denied and you don’t have any valid work authorization, then you cannot stay and work in the USA.

You need an employer to file your L1.

If my Employer will refile, can I continue my work or I need to wait till the decision from USCIS?

Filing is enough to continue working.

Currently is there any restrictions from USCIS end on refilling L1A visa?

What kind of restrictions have you heard of?

If you cannot fix the denial reason, then you can expect another denial.

What’s the status of your Visa application now ?

Yes, I am ina similar situation and refiling before my current visa expiry. Wanted to know if your visa got approved after refiling to understand if there is a chance for me?