L2 dependent Travelling urgently with emergency AP - impact on L2 extension?

I140, I485, I 765 , I131 applied concurrently for self and dependent recently, fingerprinting done.

L2 dependent has to travel to India urgently for family emergency.
L2 I94 is expiring next month and L2 extension paperwork is in process.

Exploring option to get emergency Advanced Parole for dependent to travel to India for a month or 2


Does travelling outside US on emergency AP impact GC or L2 extension ?

When dependent comes back, his I94 could be expired already, any issues in entering US with AP?

Anything else that could play a role here that could negatively impact the GC or l2 process?

No impact on GC but your extension of status application may be denied once you enter on AP. You will need to file another extension of status based on primary L1 I-797 is the dependent wants to switch back to non-immigrant status.

Once you use AP, your non-immigrant status is lost and your status will be ‘pending adjustment of status’.

Note that entry using AP also means that you could be placed into secondary inspection when you arrive at POE. You should be prepared for extra wait in this case.

Make sure the L2 carry copy of the I-485 petition, receipt notice and AP document along with other dependent documents as well as primary L1 employment verification letter and last three pay stubs.

M not talking about normal AP . M talking about emergency AP WHICH IS VALID for one time entry only.

Also, both L1 and L2 extension is in process, expiring in April.

If dependent comes back on emergency AP after April, and primary applicant’s L1 extension is still in process, how does that affect dependent’s entry into US? WHAT IS DEPENDENT’S status then?

All information I provided still hold true for Emergency AP issued by field office. The only difference is one time entry vs multiple with regular AP.
You may consult your immigration lawyer in case of any doubts.

Thnx for the objective reply…

If she(dependent) has to leave US again while I131 and I-485 is in process, then for coming back to US, process will be same as applying for fresh L2 based on primary candidate’s L1, right?

Follow up question:
m wondering if there is a way to get an expedited reply in this scenario and what kind of documentation is required?

Another follow up question: is emergency Parole only given to one person? I want to accompany my wife as well.
M currently on I94 extension, another extension in progress. Does leaving US on emergency AP while extension results are pending, will that impact my extension?