L2 EAD expedite request with pending L2 but approved L1A

Hi Anil,
I have few questions. I used to work as medical scribe until the expiry of my EAD (02/22/20).

I resigned on that date and since not working. I couldn’t apply for EAD renewal then as my hubby’s L1A and my L2 were pending.

His L1A got approved on 05/5/20 and then I did apply for EAD renewal and my application was received by USCIS on 06/11/20.

My L2 is still pending. My question is can I apply for EAD expedite with an offer letter from my company?

As my profession is associated with healthcare, do you think that can help in expediting the case?

My biometric for L2 was already done on 02/28/20. By any chance, can my expedite request adversely effect my L2 renewal and can cause it to be rejected?

Sorry, for asking too many questions, but just thinking of all possibilities…But, I think, since my husband’s L1A is approved, there is no reason for USCIS to reject my L2 visa, correct?

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

You can apply for EAD expedited approval.

EAD expedite requests do not adversely affect anything. Don’t worry.