L2 EAD - new i94 to indicate L2 spouse

Hello - I have gone through the post regarding i94 extension at Laredo border. It mentioned that for L2 EAD new style i94 can also be done there. So this means without going out of US , new i94 for L2 can be obtained at the Laredo border. Please confirm if I can get new i94 for L2 at the Laredo CBP office.I would also like to know if there is any experience from L2 folks who have recently got i94 updated at the border.

Please note that I am on L2 where visa stamp on passport expired in Apr 2021 , L1/L2 extension filed and approved I797 received in Aug 2021 and got renewed Indian passport in Nov 2021. There is updated i94 received along with i797 , but the online i94 is still showing as expired Apr 21 . Do I need to get an updated i94 to get the online record updated. Can this be done at the Laredo border, CPB office in Dallas or by emailing CBP deferred inspection site. Please advise.

Hi Anil - Please can you advise on the above question.

You don’t need to update online I-94. This is issued by CBP at port of entry as an entry record. The I-94 attached to I-797 that you received for L2 extension will override your online I-94 if your L2 extension of status was approved after your entry in the US.
What is the end date on the I-94 attached to the I-797 that you received in Aug’21?

Thank you Kalpesh for your response. My i94 is valid till April 23. Please can you also respond to the first part of the question. The question is can I go to Laredo border and get new style i94 for L2 EAD ? Also can it be done at any other CBP office in US ?
I am referring to this post on i94 Extension Laredo TX US Mexico Border (Bridge 1 experience) - USA where it mentions that for L2/E2 EAD new style i94,USCIS will ask CBP to start issuing new style L2/E2 I94s soon which will enable you to work without getting an EAD separately. Once it starts sometime in Jan/Feb 2022, you can visit the border and get the new i94.

Please understand that issue of i94 can be done only when you exit and enter the country.

Now, you can exit by land, air, or sea. It does not matter if you take a flight to cross the border or visit any land border. You are eligible to request a new i94 as and when you exit and reenter.

CBP at the land border is nothing different than the CBP at the airport (which you normally see when you travel to the US from India). It’s exactly the same.

Also, the CBP office at the international airport will not issue a new i94 until you travel, exit the US and return. The CBP office at the international airport can only fix i94 errors if you do not travel internationally.

Thank you Anil for your response. My current situation is that I do not have a valid US stamp on my passport , only valid I797. So will it be possible to get new i94 at border based on i797 without valid stamp in my passport. Please confirm what should be done in my situation.

CBP started issuing updated I-94 for L2 from February this year. Should be available at all port of entry, air, land or water. Just call the post you plan to go and double check.