L2 - EAD renewal process

Hi Anil,

Need your guidance for L2-EAD renewal.

So, currently my husband is on L1A visa and I am on L2, holding L2-EAD which is valid till 30-JAN-2021. Our visa expires on July-2021 (there is a gap of 6 months between Visa & EAD expiry).

My husband’s company will start visa extension process only 2 months prior to expiry, (this is our first extension).If I am not mistaken, USCIS accepts extension 6 months prior to the expiry. So even if we are able to begin the Visa extension process in Jan-2021, still I wont get renewed EAD on time.

Also, please note that my husband’s I-140 was recently approved.

With that said, would greatly appreciate if you could help me with below queries -

  1. How and when to file L2-EAD renewal in given scenario?
  2. Should I apply EAD renewal against I-140 or L Visa?
  3. If I file L2-EAD at least 180 days i.e. in Jun-2020 before EAD expiry, will I get renewed EAD till visa expiry date i.e July-2021 or later?
  4. If I get L2-EAD till my visa expiry then when to apply the next EAD renewal to match the dates with renewed Visa end date?

Looking forward to your guidance.
Appreciate your kind help.

Thank you

If you apply L2 EAD, it can only be approved until your L2 is valid.

You can apply 180 in advance of EAD expiry. So, its upto you how you time the next application if you apply in June 2020 first.

Thank you Anil for your response.

Also, can I apply EAD renewal on my L2 visa or against I-140?

thank you

L2 visa is enough to apply L2 EAD.

My L2 EAD is expiring on April 3 2020. My I-94 expires on May 24 2020. My spouse has the same I-94 and she has already applied for renewal and her company is processing her application. We may not receive a receipt before my EAD expiry for sure. Kindly advice if its a good idea to initiate my EAD process now. I do know that we should have started the renewal 180 days before the expiry date. Please suggest

I do not understand your question clearly.

What is the confusion in starting your L2 EAD renewal at this time?

There is no confusion about initiating the process. Since the number of days left is less, we are skeptical whether they will accept it. If accepted, they would require a receipt which we do not have right now atleast till April end or May beginning.

My question is does L2 EAD renewal application come under any automatic extension considering the current COVID situation.

L2 EAD does not have any automatic extension. Nothing has been announced for COVID-19 either.

For L2 EAD renewal, can the renewal be filed 6 months before expiry or 4 months before expiry?

L2 EAD can be filed 6 months (180 days) in advance.

Hi Anil,

My L1-B individual extension and my spouse L2 renewal are both approved by USCIS. Our visas are not yet stamped on the passport. Given this case, can my spouse apply for L2-EAD renewal with L2 approved receipt? Also, her I-94 is currently expiring on next month. Do we need to extend it before applying for EAD?


Hi @Rahul_V.R

Your spouse must have got a new i94 with her L2 extension approval.

New visa stamp in passport is not required.

You can file L2 EAD renewal using approved L1A i797 and L2 i94.

Hi Anil,

Please give me some advice, I am on L2 visa holding EAD A18 category. My visa visa expires on 2024 and I-94 is Mar 2022.

I have applied to extend my L2 EAD, I have applied and received a receipt no for May 26th, and my EAD expires on Sep 13th. days before expiration.

My spouse’s company is going to apply for GC and meanwhile will extend L1(L2).

  • How can I expedite my EAD renewal process?
  • Should I wait for case No for GC and then request expedition, does it help?

Thanks a million,