L2 EAD RFE asking for i94 tear off - What is this?

Hi -
i got an RFE for my L2 EAD extension asking to provide my spouse 's most recent I-94 form (which i get) but they also asked the following quoted from the letter) ‘if applicable you must also include a photocopy of any tear-off I-94s issue by USCIS showing any changes of status or extensions of stay granted since entering into the US’ - not clear to me this request- what exactly are they asking?

what is I-94 tear off?

are they asking i provide in addition to the most updated I-94 form older forms (from previous entries to the US?)

USCIS is asking you to submit the L2 extension approval’s i94 copy.

When your L2 extension gets approved, you get a new i797 approval form. This i797 approval has a new i94 attached to the bottom.

Did you apply for L2 extension separately earlier? Or have you got any L2 extensions approval after your most recent US entry?

This is my 3rd L2 extension (the last one was approved in Oct 2018 but was only valid till March 2019 according to my spouse L1. Once we received the extension to our L1 i applied in February for my L2 extension.
Now that i think about it when i submitted the EAD renewal application i might have provided them a copy of my and my spouse old visa - might be that this created the confusion.

Yes, that looks like the case as USCIS is asking for i94 to make sure you are in correct status at this time.

what information do you believe then i should send them as i don’t have any I94 tear offs?

You should send your last L2 extension i94 that was valid till Mar 2019 and all others previous ones that you got after entering US. Include any other i94 that was received after Mar 2019 (if any).

okay many thanks for the support and quick response