L2 Visa Interview Question - Old & Renewed Passport

Hello All,

Me and my wife have L1B interview on March 30th, 2022. My wife is currently having a renewed passport back in 2013 and have validity till 2023. And she lost the old passport. Is it necessary to take all passports to interview? If we lost old passport, can we file a case in police station to get an FIR and take it to interview? what would you suggest?

They may or may not ask for the old passport. Usually, they do not ask.

But, yes, it is good to keep the FIR handy in case they ask for it.

Hello brother how are

i had k1 visa interview 8 feb 2022 documents and then i got 221g and i submitted docment what they requested and case status show refused
then my case get lots updated and then in 2 march change from refused to administrative processing
then after one day it change to application recived
then after 2 busnines days
case status change agine to refused
what is this
and please give me advice it make me crazy i don’t know whats going on

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