L2 visa pending, L1A approved

Hi Anil,
My husband’s L1A visa got approved on May 5 (normal processing), but mine L2 is still pending, has same status as before. Both visas were filed at the same time. Is there a possibility that my case might remain pending even close to 240 days? Also, what would happen after 240 days if I don’t get any decision on my L2? Normally, in how many days after primary applicant’s petition approval, is their dependent visa approved?

Thank you so much for your reply.

Hi I am in same boat, As the Bio Metric centers are not open I am worried how the L2 Status will be processed further. Will this be on HOLD as well.

Hi Praja, I was going to ask this same topic here in the forum.
I’m also having same issue, husband’s L1A approved but my L2 is still pending.
Can you tell me how many days it took for your husband’s L1A to get approved in normal processing?

My husband’s L1A visa and my L2 visa were filed together under normal processing on January 23 of this year and his visa got approved on May 5, so about 3+ months. But mine is still pending. It seems like L2 approvals are apparently taking more time…Not sure. Please correct me if I am wrong…
Anil, please reply to my question.
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Hi all,

Nothing to worry. L2 is a dependent visa and can stay in USA even after 240 days.

Hi Anil,
Thank you for your reply. My L2 is still pending(L1A approved on May 5). Should I just wait or can I raise an SR for this? Usually in how many days is dependent visa approved?

You can raise a service request only if the case date has passed the dates mentioned by USCIS.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response

The major issue is still my L2 status biometrics have not been taken and not sure when USCIS will take them. The pending log shows it takes 7 to 8 months for status change. This is my first extension and unfortunately, the Biometrics collected outside India are not considered for this extension.

With Biometrics still not open this might cause an issue. Could you please throw some light on this.


Any updates on how long does it take for biometric appointment now a days. My case has passed 30 days but still no updates on biometrics.


To all who are waiting for the L2 Status and biometrics

  1. Applied for L1 and L2 Status extension on 10th April '20
  2. L1 Petition approved on 03rd July '20
  3. Bio Metrics appointment received today with 14th Sep’20 as the appointment
  4. Does anyone know how many days the status change for L2 getting approved after biometrics nowadays
  5. Visa ??? anyone tried in other embassies in Mexico / Canada? are they open at all ?

@Gaythri_Devi_J Did you get your L2 visa? How many Months did this take?

Yes , this was approved in November “20 after 2 months of biometrics