Last Name misspelled in I-797 Approval Notice

I received H-1B extension Approval Notice.
But my last name is misspelled in I-797 Approval Notice.

Could I know the next step to get the correct Approval Notice. How long this process takes.
Also can I file H-4 dependent extension with the received Approval Notice.

It depends on who’s mistake is it. If the name has been mis-spelled by USCIS while your attorney filled it correctly on the I-129 application form, then USCIS will fix it without any cost to you.

If it is your attorney’s mistake, you will have to file a new extension. I suggest to get the i-797 fixed before filing H4 extension.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the info.
I verified my I-129 form and my name is correct.

Mistake done by USCIS. I assume they have to fix and no need to file any amendment.

Waiting for your reply.

USCIS fixes their mistake free of cost.

Hi, did you get reply from USCIS?

Yes. USCIS corrected my name

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Thanks, just to be clear, your misspelling was caused by USCIS and to correct you have just made an informal request not an amendment, am I right?

Also, how long did it take for you? I presume it was normal not premium.

@sravikanti23 , how long it took to correct I797 name when it was mistake by USCIS

It took 4 to 6 weeks.

Hi Sudheer,
How did you get the name corrected for your H4 on approved I-797. I submitted the SR online but they said it is approved and can’t be changed.
Should I resubmit the request online as calling the number given on I-797 doesn’t go through easily.


First you need to check with your Attorney whether the spelling mistake happened while submitting the LCA.
If the mistake happened from your end, then you need to re-submit again.

If it is USCIS issue, your attorney can call them and request for correction. They do at their end, but they won’t send any new notice.
But the corrected name will be reflected at all places including their consulates.

Don’t worry about that.

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Thanks Sudheer. I already checked that it and typo was at USCIS.

Hi Sudheer,

My I797 the surname has spelling mistake and raised the request with USCIS as it was fault from USCIS. But while seeing the actual receipt in USCIS case status it is showing “my document is mailed to me” and I haven’t received any document yet and it is almost 19 calendar days. My question is in the actual receipt of uscis wont it show approved?