Leaving job while on I-485 pending for more than 6 months

My I-485 has been pending for more than 6 months and I am on H1B. Received RFE for medical exam and birth certificate for GC and submitted both. Don’t know when green card will arrive. I was thinking of leaving job and just being unemployed till RFE for job offer for GC arrives. Will there be any issues with this? Haven’t received EAD or AP as of yet. Are there any jobs like in a consultancy or something like that where I can have a longer vacation time while maintaining the requirement of having a job offer for GC purposes?

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Really?? Are you serious or joking? :slight_smile: I am wondering what the thought process is behind leaving the job while your I-485 is about to be approved?
Imagine you left the job and USCIS sends you a RFE that needs your employer to submit some documents.
Imagine if you are called for your green card interview while you already left your green card sponsoring employer. How would you answer questions about your current and green card employment?

Lets say your green card gets approved somehow without any of the above. USCIS may deny your naturalization and revoke green card if they find you never worked for the green card sponsoring employer as it will be treated a fraud.

You should absolutely not leave your employer until after your green card is approved.


So I am financially secure and don’t have to work anymore for money. I am only working for my GC. I would like to take a break from work as long as possible. If I get a RFE then I should be able to find a new job and submit the documents. I believe there is about 2 months given to respond. I worked for 4 years for the company that filed my I-485. During a GC interview all that is needed is a job offer right?

I would suggest consulting an immigration lawyer and take informed decision for whatever you are planning to do. If I were you, I would continue my job till the GC is approved.

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Well, you can do it but only if all balls fall in the hole at the right time in the first shot.

If there is anything that goes wrong in the whole process, you may find it hard to recover.

So, just hire a lawyer since you are financially stable and independent, and then plan your moves.

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